Sunday, July 25, 2010


Practice Practice Practice. It is about the best thing that you can do, and that goes for everything, from acing that exam to winning that race or getting that dream job. Say you want to be a doctor, a museum curator, or want to work in marketing or advertising. You need to have experience, not only so that you'll be a better candidate in the future, but so you can be sure that whatever path you're on is the right path that you want to take! I'm sure most of you know what internships are, but if you don't, an internship is a paid or unpaid + academic credit work that you do at a company or something of the sort where you learn how the field that you want to go into works. But, theres a whole lot of preparation that goes into getting an internship, even before you start applying to any of them. PS, if you want an internship for the fall, now is prime time to be looking! (I should be taking this advice myself). The first thing you want to do is fix up your resume. If you don't have one, make a list of everything you've ever done, leadership experiences, volunteer experiences, work experiences, skills, awards, and education.

Here are some resume tips (and there will be more in future posts)
1. Keep it to one page!
2. Keep it concise
3. Make it easy to read, easy on the eye, keep it simple

I know these are very general resume tips, but its a good place to start. Everyone's resume will be different, and trust me, it takes much more than a resume to get any internship or job!

If you already have a resume, and don't know whether its great or not, email it to me! I will gladly check it for you and send back my comments :] Make sure you put resume in the subject title.

Good luck!

xo Carolyn

Saturday, July 24, 2010


One of my favorite examples of fighting for something that you really want was my journey of making it onto the varsity team of my high school cross country team. long story short when i joined i wasn't exactly the cream of the crop. i could barely run a lap! the next year all throughout cross country, indoor and outdoor, i slowly gained momentum but was nothing you could write home about. the summer before my senior year, with a little bit of encouragement from my coach mr b, i made it my mission to be on that varsity team. i became OBSESSED with anything that had to do with running. i read runners world, running forums, running blogs, how to run better videos, running guide books, i could go on and on! i went to running camp, i ran everyday no matter what and tracked everything i did. the walls of my room were covered with track related posters. come summer practice i was a tad burned out but surprised my coaches nonetheless with how much i'd improved. and guess what, by the end of cross country season, i was fourth place varsity! even when the coaches had no faith the year before. but i owe it to the 300 miles i ran that summer, and just never giving up for something i wanted so so bad, despite everything that went completely wrong that summer.

moral of the story is that you can indeed get what you want. you just need to prepare and read and try and try again, no matter how much everything sucks. and then you get to revel in all that you gain! those stories are soon to come, i have too many to count. and i know its completely cliche to say try hard and you'll get what you want! but i always look back to these few years when i think i can't get something done, and find confidence in the fact that hey, i actually do have it in me to go after something that i want, so what is stopping me from going at something else?? absolutely nothing!

hope everyone has an amazing night

xo carolyn

Welcome to My Humble Abode

Hello! My name is Carolyn and welcome to my blog! I got the idea to start this blog because I love giving advice and becoming a psychiatrist to do that didn't quite work out when I realized I really don't like hospitals. So I've started a blog instead! Dedicated to ambition, perseverance, and success :)

Here's to the start of something amazing!

Hope you enjoy!